The UIAAA is accepting applications for the following position until Monday, May 13th. Applications MUST be submitted electronically via email to

LTI and Professional Development Coordinator
This position shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and ratified by the ADEC.

1. Shall be responsible for the make-up and implementation of a Leadership Training Strategic Plan for Utah, including assisting in determining state LTI course offerings and identifying, recommending, and developing state teaching faculty.
2. Assist in developing LTI national presentation faculty
3. Teach offered LTI courses as necessary.
4. Responsible for proper distribution of all LTI information from the NIAAA office.
5. Responsible for informing the NIAAA of any LTI course dates in Utah.
6. Responsible for notifying the NIAAA of Utah athletic directors taking LTI, including processing rosters and manual orders.
7. Keep records of state LTI course offerings and attendance.
8. Address all financial aspects of offering the program.
9. Briefly report LTI related information at all ADEC meetings.
10. Attend state coordinator national meetings in September at the NIAAA offices in Indianapolis, and in December at the National Conference.
11. Promote professional and personal growth of Utah athletic administrators.

* Candidate must have completed LTC 501 and LTC 790 to be eligible for position.

The Leadership Training Institute State Coordinators are the gatekeepers of the Leadership Training Institute at the state level. These individuals maintain the integrity of the program in each state. The duties and responsibilities of the individuals are the foundation of the local program. The responsibility of each State Coordinator requires time, integrity, leadership and organization.

CLICK HERE to access an application for UIAAA LTI and Professional Development Coordinator. Please forward completed applications by Monday, May 13th to